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River & Sea Transport

Chartering & Brokerage

Improve investment returns through lower transaction costs and increase operational efficiency with our leading-edge solutions. Turn to us for execution capabilities that can help improve speed, drive transparency and manage market impact.


We offer a comprehensive range of services covering inward and outward clearance, all cargo requirements and documentation, arranging cargo gears and other services for and on behalf of the owners and charterers..

Ship Management

Company provides commercial services surrounding the daily operation of fleets at the highest standard. Our team is experienced in the commercial management of dry cargo and multi-purpose vessels and company gives professional services to protect ship and cargo.

Repairs & Shipyard

We offer to ship-owners general ship repairs in all Turkish ports and particularly at Inebolu, Tuzla / Yalova, the major Mediterranean repair port today. The company have many years of experience in ship repairs and dry docking works.


We provide. Marine Insurance (Cargo, hull & machinery, war, ship builder’s risks, ship repairer’s liability, yacht), Non – marine Insurance (motor – vehicle, fire, earthquake), Protection & Indemnity Insurance, and Claim handling

Salvage & Towage

We are giving professional and proper insurance services with our experienced and specialized colleagues to all Shipping Sector.

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