Repairs & Shipyard Facilities

We are able to proper Repair assistance for your good Vessels at all Turkish ports and anchorage areas.

We offer to ship-owners general ship repairs in all Turkish ports and particularly at Inebolu, Tuzla / Yalova, the major Mediterranean repair shipyards today. The company has many years of experience in ship repairs and dry-docking works.

In addition to planned repairs, we will attend at a short notice any vessel at any Turkish port for troubleshooting and eventual repairs aiming to prevent expensive delays and downtime.

The company will quote competitively in price and time for scheduled ship works related to:

  • Shipyard organization
  • Ship equipment failure determination
  • Mechanical repairs and overhauls of main engines and diesel generators
  • Fuel and lubrication oil separator repairs
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system installation and repairs
  • Boiler and evaporator repairs and retubing
  • Pumps repair
  • Gearbox repair
  • Reefer installations and repairs
  • Pipe renewals
  • Spare parts manufacturing and supply
  • Electrical repairs
  • Ships pre-purchase technical inspection all type of steel works
  • Navigation and communication equipment installation and service
  • Any dry-docking related works
  • Paint materials for sale and painting works

Inebolu, one of our contracted shipyards is approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping